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Femto-Lasik is an advanced, computer guided laser technology that provides a more predictable, safer approach to the important first step of the Lasik procedure, creation of the flap. Femto-Lasik utilises femtosecond technology to produce a light beam generating thousands of pulses per second to form a layer of microscopic bubbles within the cornea to create the flap. Femto-Lasik is more precise, consistent and safer method, making this truly 'all laser LASIK' procedure.

Benefits of Femto-Lasik

Enhanced safety

With Femto-Lasik's computer controlled technique the risk of complications are dramatically reduced, making it an even safer procedure.

Predictable results

Femto-Lasik's micron level accuracy makes every procedure more predictable, enabling you to choose laser vision correction with increased confidence.

Technology of choice

The Femto-Lasik Laser is the technology of choice among the world's leading LASIK surgeons and ophthalmic teaching institutions.

More people are now eligible

With Femto-Lasik, the flap thickness is adjustable and more predictable, leaving more residual corneal thickness. This is especially beneficial for people who previously did not qualify for LASIK, such as those with thin corneas.

Therapeutic treatment for corneal disease.

There are a number of other treatments we are capable of doing on the femtosecond laser for those with corneal disease such as Keratoconus. Previously corneal graft was the only treatment available.

Is Femto-Lasik better than the standard LASIK procedure?

Both achieve excellent results, especially in light of the unsurpassed level of skill and experience of the surgeons at LASERSIGHT. Their ability to achieve the desired patient outcome and a superior standard of care are attested to by the many thousands of happy LASIK patients who have undergone LASIK surgery at a LASERSIGHT centre.

Employing a microkeratome at the first stage of the procedure, in the past has been our most popular treatment method and represents the technology used In 10 million successful procedures worldwide.

Femto-Lasik allows an additional level of precision and predictability. The use of computer controlled laser technology elevates the procedure to an even higher level of safety and accuracy. Every cornea is different. Femto-Lasik is the ideal method to create the exact size, shape and depth of the corneal flap to suit each person, and thereby helps to deliver the best possible result.

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