Medical expenses tax offset

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Medical expenses tax offset for laser eye surgery

Medical Expenses Tax Offset

While you can't usually claim laser eye surgery from Medicare or your health fund, you may be able to claim a medical expenses tax offset to help recover your costs. Better still, you could claim your spouse's and other dependants' surgery too.

Net Medical Expensed Tax Offset Charges

The net medical expenses tax offset is being phased out. Changes this year mean you need to check your eligibility before claiming the offset in your tax return.

Net medical expenses are total medical expenses less refunds from Medicare or a private health insurer which you, or someone else, received or are entitled to receive.

If you are eligible, an income test still applies based on your family status and adjusted taxable income.

To help you work out the tax offset you're entitled to receive a net medical expenses offset calculator is available from the ATO's website.

For more information on the changes to net medical expenses tax offset, go to

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