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Our Equipment

Being the largest refractive group in the Asia Pacific region ensures immediate access to the latest technologies, equipment and procedures available.

At LASERSIGHT, we pride ourselves in offering state-of-the-art equipment and the most up to date technology for a wide range of eye surgeries and therapies, including LASIK, SMILE®, PRK, ICL, IOL and Cataract Surgery.

We continuously monitor and upgrade our equipment, and all our staff are trained to the best practice standards, ensuring you only receive the safest and most advanced procedures.

Specialised Diagnostic Devices

Our specialised instruments provide highly accurate measurements of the eyes and precise surgical procedures to deliver a customised individual treatment program for every patient.

Wavelight Oculizer II

Non-Contact Measurement, High-Resolution Data

Based on the proven Pentacam HR technology, this diagnostic device provides non-contact measurement and analysis of the complete anterior eye segment. The integrated, rotating camera takes up to 50 pictures in real-time measurement with up to 138,000 measuring points - providing high-resolution data from the corneal centre, which enables a three-dimensional analysis.

WaveLight Allegro Topolyzer Vario

High-Performance Diagnostic Technology

An evolution of the proven Topolyzer diagnostic device technology, Topolyzer Vario integrates non-contact topography, with keratometry and pupillometry - all in a single device.

Tracey iTrace Topographer

Better Technology, Better Decisions

A first in eye care diagnostics, the iTrace topographer measures quality of vision and visual function using a fundamental thin beam principle of optical ray tracing. This 5-in-1 system provides auto-refraction, corneal topography, ray tracing aberrometry, pupillometry and auto-keratometry, saving time, space and money. A must-have for surgeons who are planning surgical procedures, the iTrace topographer ensures patients are recommended the best vision treatment.

Galilei G4 Topographer

Refractive Screening at Its Best

Boasting innovative features like reliable surface data, eye motion compensation and total corneal wavefront, the Galilai G4 reaches a new level in corneal topography and tomography. The Dual Scheimpflug Analyzer measures the real posterior surface to assess total corneal astigmatism and early pathological deformation prior to your surgery, with all data aligned to the visual axis in only one exam session.

iVis Precisio Tomographer

High Definition Surgical Tomography

Precisio is a unique device bringing corneal tomography and topography to new levels of accuracy. With features like the latest segment 3D mapping and Scheimpflug imaging, Precisio defines with superior accuracy all the critical surgery parameters, to ensure a seamless treatment for patients.

IOL Master 700

Next Generation Biometry

Get fewer refractive surprises with IOL Master 700, an optical biometry device that's used by surgeons to detect unusual eye geometries and poor fixation, in addition to visually verifying measurements via full-length OCT images.

Best-in-Class Refractive Technology & Laser Systems

Our innovative refractive technology and laser systems facilitates a range of custom procedures, to ensure precise and rapid laser eye treatments for every patient.

NEW Zeiss VisuMax Femtosecond Laser (for SMILE®)

The First Laser System for Minimally Invasive & Flapless Surgery Zeiss VisuMax is a ground-breaking, high-performance femtosecond laser system that boasts outstanding cutting precision, exceptional speed and a gentle treatment approach. VisuMax is the first, and until now, only laser platform to perform the minimally invasive, flapless SMILE® procedure. A highly precise, pre-calculated lenticule is created inside the intact cornea and removed via a small incision - all without a flap. Boasting several other features which are essential to make accurate cuts with minimum tissue distortion, VisuMax is at the forefront of the 3rd generation of laser vision correction, a procedure that is redefining refractive laser surgery as we know it. Read More...

WaveLight Allegretto Wave Eye-Q Laser

Flexible Performance, Precise Treatments

This FDA-approved excimer laser uses a series of technical innovations to optimise laser vision correction. The state-of-the-art high-speed laser and eye tracker combines efficiency and safety, to produce excellent outcomes with reduced environmental exposure.

WaveLight FS200 Femtosecond Laser

Next-Generation Laser Technology

Known as the cutting edge of refractive technology, the WaveLight FS200 Femtosecond Laser integrates many new functions for fast and effective treatments. The system's unique treatment speed - approximately 6.0 seconds for a standard flap - makes this the fastest flap creation laser platform in the US.

WaveLight EX500 Excimer Laser

Ultra-Fast Laser Vision Correction

The WaveLight EX500 Excimer Laser system is ergonomically designed to combine with WaveLight FS200 Femtosecond Laser, offering an impressive standard in precision and reliability for highly effective treatments.

Evolved eye tracking technology ensures quality pulse placement, so that when the laser correction is performed, the treatment is always precisely centred on your visual axis to provide the most accurate result. It tracks 10 times faster than movements of the natural eye, which means that even if you move your eye during the correction, it will not affect the outcome.

Schwind 500E Excimer Laser

The Efficient Compact Laser

Marrying efficiency with safety, the Schwind Amaris 500E laser system produces fast ablation with optimum smoothing of the cornea. The laser system, with a 500 Hz repetition rate is complimented by a 5D eye tracker, which actively compensates for eye movements in five dimensions.

Schwind Amaris 750S

The Powerful Performance Laser

Combining high speed with extreme precision, Schwind Amaris 750S offers high performance with optimal safety. With a repetition rate of 750 Hz, this advanced laser system achieves excellent outcomes at short treatment times. A very fine laser spot, with a dimeter of just 0.54 millimetres, ensures extremely smooth corneal modelling, whilst the 6D eye tracker works to monitor the exact position of the eye in six dimensions.

Ziemer Z6 Femtosecond Laser

Ultimate Femtosecond Technology for Corneal Surgery

Ziemer Z6 is considered a real break-through in femtosecond laser technology. Adjustable pulse energy allows for customisable flap creation at its best, making this powerful laser source a must-have for corneal surgeries.

Intralase iFS Femtosecond Laser

Precision Technology for Excellent Visual Acuity

Biomechanical superiority meets unmatched safety with Intralase iFS. With over one million procedures completed to date, this innovative laser technology is ideal for creating uniquely shaped corneal incisions for corneal transplant surgery, providing patients with excellent visual acuity.

iVIS iRes Excimer Laser

Fast and Micrometric Smooth Ablations

iRes Excimer is a high performance laser system with patented technology, delivering ablations that are fast and free from thermal effect. It is the only laser on the market able to perform customised therapeutic corneal surgical strategies on top of custom refractive surgery.

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Download our FREE guide to learn more about treatment options for different eye conditions and how LASERSIGHT can help you achieve optimal vision.

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