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Implantable Contact Lens Surgery Passes Clinical Trials

23 Jan 2003

The Australian component of a three-year multinational trial of an implantable contact lens, to correct long and short-sightedness, has been completed by LASERSIGHT Centres. The procedure, in which permanent contact lenses are surgically implanted inside the eye, could spell the end of lost or torn contact lenses and dry or sore eyes for thousands of people across Australia who currently use traditional contacts.

In a procedure similar to cataract surgery, the implantable contact lens is placed behind the iris of the eye. Unlike other implantable lenses that clip onto the front of the eye, the new lens is foldable, allowing surgeons to make a very small incision in the cornea and slip the folded lens into place. The 10- to 20-minute operation requires no stitches and heals rapidly.

The lens does not require cleaning or replacement like a conventional contact lens. The procedure costs approximately $3000. For a free suitability consultation contact LASERSIGHT Centres on 1800 00 3937.

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