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Health Insurer has a 'Clear Vision' for Customers

24 Oct 2002

Laser eye surgery received a boost today when major health insurer AXA added the procedure to it benefits list.

This is the first time a health insurer has recognised laser eye surgery in Australia and will mean the procedure will be affordable for more Australians.

AXA Health is offering its 'Ultimate Health Cover' members 100 per cent cover for laser vision correction procedures carried out by leading laser eye surgery specialist LASERSIGHT Centres.

According to Mr Dean Powrie, Managing Director of LASERSIGHT Centres, the move by AXA Health to incorporate laser vision correction in its 'Ultimate Health Cover' policy reflects the growing demand for this procedure in Australia.

"AXA Health's move to cover laser eye surgery is great news for those who are seeking an alternative to wearing glasses or contact lenses," Mr Powrie said.

"Today, laser vision correction technology is very advanced and can treat almost any refractive error, even severe cases of myopia, hypermetropia, astigmatism and presbyopia. It dramatically improves the quality of life of patients, overnight.

"The LASIK laser eye surgery in which we specialise was first performed in Australia by LASERSIGHT Centres in Brisbane in 1995. The introduction of private health cover of the procedure is a major milestone for this important surgical procedure."

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