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Oakley Sunglasses Promotion Winners

Oakley has created a name for itself as a leading label in premium eyewear, specialising in sunglasses, goggles and visors for sports and extreme environments. Oakley continues to be a frontrunner in advancing eyewear innovations and performance technologies, with numerous patents awarded to the inventions behind its High Definition Optics® (HDO®). Oakley prides itself on also offering a high-quality range of prescription sunglasses and ophthalmic-specific frames.

Thank you for your interest in LASERSIGHT and being a part of our Oakley sunglasses promotion.

The lucky winners are:

  • Katrina Toogood
  • Lydia Semen
  • Stephen Hartley
  • Maria Camilleri
  • Andrew Gomes

There are three key reasons why choosing the correct sunglasses is essential in maintaining optimum eye health: protection of the lens, protection of the retina and reduction of UV light.

At LASERSIGHT we are proud of our expertise, and we are committed to helping you achieve your visual goal and safeguard your interests at all times.

Our primary objective is to assure the optimal outcome for your future vision, and in particular want to protect the better vision that you are able to achieve. Ongoing maintenance of eye health, including the choice of proper and appropriate sunglasses is essential in maintaining optimum eye health. You are most welcome to visit our centres, talk with our staff, view surgery if you so choose, speak to our doctors and hear our patients' stories.

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