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Laser eye surgery centre in Hobart, Tasmania

When choosing laser eye surgery you don't want to compromise on safety. You need a qualified and experienced surgeon, up to date equipment and a professional team you can trust.

Tamania can take comfort in knowing that LASERSIGHT Hobart offers:

Laser Vision Correction in Hobart

LASERSIGHT can correct vision problems and eliminate the need for glasses and contacts in those who are far sighted / long sighted (hyperopia), near sighted / short sighted (myopia), have astigmatism, cataracts or are suffering a loss of reading vision (presbyopia).

At your free assessment, we will perform a number of diagnostic tests to ascertain the most suitable individual treatment for your eyes.

Everyone's eyes are different however and we will give you a thorough, individual assessment to outline the best treatment program to improve your vision. Whether PRK, Lasik, Lasek, ICL or IOL our surgeons will only operate safely and with confidence that your surgery should give the same or better vision than when you use glasses or contacts - but without the need for either.

Our specialised equipment provides highly accurate measurements of the eyes and precise surgical procedures to deliver a personalised treatment program for every patient.

Hobart LASERSIGHT Clinic

Lower Level
182 Argyle St
Hobart TAS 7000
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Phone: (03) 6210 6000
1800 003 937

Parking Information: Limited on-site parking available at the side of the building; entry from Argyle Street only. Also on-street parking available with a strict 2hr limit.

Advanced Laser Eye Surgery Equipment, Hobart, Tasmania.

Our laser eye surgery, Hobart clinic features up to date technology and equipment, including the:

Our specialised instruments provide highly accurate measurements of the eyes and precise surgical procedures to deliver a customised individual treatment program for every patient.

Laser Eye Surgery Procedures,Hobart

LASERSIGHT Hobart specialise in laser vision correction procedures including LASIK, Femto lasik, LASEK and PRK laser eye surgery as well as Cataract, Lens replacement and ICL surgery. The Surgeon provides a thorough assessment of your eyes and will explain the type of procedure that is best for your individual lifestyle requirements and suitability.

Where laser surgery is not appropriate, we perform lens surgery for multifocal lens, monofocal lens, and accommodative lens.

Experienced Laser Eye Surgeons

At LASERSIGHT in Hobart, our laser eye surgeon boasts extensive experience and many success stories. She is part of the renowned worldwide team of LASERSIGHT eye surgeons, led by Brisbane based founder, Dr Peter Stewart.

Everyone's eyes are unique. To find out whether eye surgery is right for you, call 1800 003 937 or book online for your assessment Consultation. Making an appointment is easy.

Our Hobart laser eye surgeon is: Paul McCartney

Daniel Black

Paul McCartney - MBBS (Tas), FRANZCO, FRACS, FRCOphth (UK)

Clinical Associate Professor Paul McCartney graduated in Medicine at the University of Tasmania in 1983 and trained in Ophthalmology at Prince of Wales Hospital in Sydney under Professor Fred Hollows. Now one of Australia’s leading refractive surgeons, Paul’s solid clinical experience and drive for best practice has led him to train both students and fellow surgeons. He regularly travels both nationally and internationally lecturing and demonstrating surgical advancements in optimising refractive surgery.

Paul founded Hobart Eye Surgeons, a private practice in general ophthalmology in 1998. It has developed into an innovative team of highly skilled and trained ophthalmologists. Hobart Eye Surgeons now offers a comprehensive range of leading diagnostic technology and provides professional ophthalmic care in purpose‑fitted facilities with patient comfort and consideration in mind.

Paul has always expressed strong clinical interests in cataract, corneal and refractive surgery. This has led him to continuously seek the best technologies in terms of intraocular lenses and refractive surgery techniques. Paul’s research interests include advancements in specialised intraocular lens use in cataract surgery and the genetics of glaucoma. Paul has a long involvement in providing eye services to needy communities and has worked as a volunteer ophthalmologist in communities in the Torres Strait Islands and Fiji, as well as more recently the East Timor Eye Programme since 2003, treating local people and assisting in training local ophthalmologists.

Paul was head of the Ophthalmology Department at the Royal Hobart Hospital from 1994 to 2010. Now a Clinical Associate Professor at the University of Tasmania, Paul is involved in the training of ophthalmology registrars and medical students.

Paul established laser vision correction in Hobart in 2008, in association with LASERSIGHT. Paul understands the importance of the decision to undertake laser vision correction and ensures patients are comfortable with and fully understand the surgical options.

To date, Paul has successfully performed over 4000 laser vision correction treatments in partnership with LASERSIGHT.

LASERSIGHT, Tasmania, Australia

Lower Level - 182 Argyle Street, Hobart,TAS 7000

Ph 1800 003 937

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