Benefits of Laser Eye Surgery

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Benefits of Laser Eye Surgery

Immediate benefits

With Lasik our most commonly performed procedure, most patients will see an improvement of their natural eyesight immediately after surgery. By the next day, 99% of all patients see well enough, independent of glasses, to drive a car. Sight usually settles down during the first couple of weeks after surgery.

Long term stability

With new techniques it is possible the results could last a lifetime. Once your refraction has stabilised, usually by 3 months post-operatively, our statistics show that the reshaped cornea is permanently modified - your refractive error corrected for life.

It is important to realise that age-related degeneration and other diseases may affect your vision as you get older, regardless of refractive surgery. Though not all conditions are treatable, we have safe and effective procedures for both cataracts, and Australia's biggest vision condition - presbyopia (loss of reading vision).

Projection into the future

Experts around the world, based on the data of more than 14 years of LASIK experience, believe that there will be no long term problems of significance with LASIK treatments. The excellent results achieved have made LASIK the most commonly used technique for vision correction around the world today.

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