Intralase - 100% blade-free technology

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Intralase - 100% blade-free technology

100% Blade-free Technology

The first step in the LASIK procedure, the creation of a thin flap of tissue on the cornea, has historically been done using a hand-held surgical instrument called a microkeratome. This has proven to be safe and effective, especially in the hands of experienced LASERSIGHT LASIK surgeons. As with all surgical procedures, new technology emerges in an effort to make each step safer and more efffective for optimum results. Intralase is just one of the new technology developments.

A femtosecond laser, the Intralase replaces the handheld microkeratome used by surgeons in the first stage of LASIK. This allows the second stage of the procedure, altering the corneal shape, to occur before the flap is returned to its original position.

How does it work?

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What are the advantages of Intralase over Blade + LASIK?

Unlike blade+LASIK, with the Intralase method, a blade does not touch your eye at any stage of the procedure, and so offers the ultimate in safety. The surgeon can also pre-determine exactly in what position and at which depth to create the corneal flap, thus allowing more control over the residual thickness of the remaining cornea after it has been reshaped. This is great news for patients who in the past have not been able to have LASIK due to inadequate corneal thickness. A thinner flap can be created in pateints prone to dry eye, potentially decreasing the possibiIity of LASIK induced dry-eye after the procedure. It is also beneficial in those patients whose ocular anatomy lends itself to difficulty in positioning of the microkeratome, such as deep set eyes. Because of the shape and position of the flap after it has been created by the Intralase, it "locks" back in to position after the reshaping part of the LASIK procedure, again increasing the saftey aspect of the LASIK procedure.

Is the Intralase Procedure right for me?

If you are looking for a 100% blade-free surgical procedure that minimises most of the complications of creation of the corneal flap, then this is for you!

Intralase is available in the following locations:

100% Blade-free LASIK EXPERIENCE

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