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Study confirms - LASIK safe and effective procedure in the long-term

The American Journal of Ophthalmology recently published an article discussing the results of a study involving the examination of formerly highly myopic patients ten years after they undertook LASIK surgery.

The study found that LASIK treatment is both successful and safe for myopia over -10D in the long-term. Lead investigator Jorge L. Alió describes the results of the study as "extremely encouraging". According to Alió, "this study has allowed [us] to demonstrate that, in spite of the prejudices about the limits of LASIK technique, the results regarding predictability, efficacy and safety for high myopic patients are very good in the long term".

An overview of the article appears on the Elsevier website titled "LASIK Works Well, According to Long-Term Study of Highly Myopic Patients". Read the full overview here.

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