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How Safe is Laser Eye Surgery?

Recently Channel nines "What's Good for You" reporter Dr Andrew Rochford set out to discover how safe Laser eye surgery actually is. Dr Rochford who also works as a surgical trainee in Brisbane, suffered from myopia, or nearsightedness, so he had difficulty seeing distant objects. As mentioned in his article, Dr Rochford was unable to wear contact lenses which had an impact on many aspects of his life including his love of sports.

As for anyone considering Laser Eye Surgery, Dr Rochfords first step was to find out whether he is a suitable candidate. At his suitability assessment Dr Rochford eyes are independently assessed and a suitable procedure recommended. Dr Rochford also finds out about the risks associated with Laser Eye Surgery.

After weighing the risks and the benefits, Dr Rochford underwent Laser Eye Surgery. You can learn more about Dr Rochfords experience on the "What's good for you webstie" Click here.

What does Dr Rochford think of his new eyes? To quote from his video segment "this is awesome"
"that's amazing"
"For me the benefits far out way the risks"
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