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Eye health on the sunshine coast

Part of the attractiveness of the Sunshine Coast is the active lifestyle of residents and visitors. But, whether you are an outdoors type, or you prefer the clubs, social and indoor activities on the Coast, having good vision to better enjoy these pastimes is increasingly important. Residents, visitors, and even overseas tourists are increasingly looking to throw away their glasses and contact lenses, and turning to the Maroochydore -based LASERSIGHT to improve their vision.

While the first stop on the way to the Sunshine Coast is clearly a store selling good sunglasses (eye protection-especially with sunglasses that guard against UV rays-- is important in sunny climates such as Queensland), a subsequent quick visit to LASERSIGHT can correct your vision for life. Many readers have heard of the most popular treatment, "LASIK" or laser eye surgery, which uses a special laser to reshape your cornea, eliminating the need for glasses or contact lenses. This is especially attractive for swimming, surfing, diving, horseback riding, diving or competitive sports, where goggles, glasses and contact lenses become problems. LASERSIGHT, and their Medical Director Dr Peter Stewart, were the first to bring LASIK to Australia, and have practiced on the Sunshine Coast for over 10 years on Cotton Tree Parade.

Laser eye surgery can correct nearsightedness, farsightedness, and even 'astigmatism,' and has the benefits of quick recovery (typical patients treated on a Wednesday afternoon are back Thursday morning, spectacle free for the rest of their life, returning shortly to normal activities). In addition, Dr Stewart and the LASERSIGHT team are leaders in other procedures, such as 'implantable contact lenses,' or other lens options, which can also correct vision for patients where laser eye surgery might not be an option. The newest laser and lens procedures help Sunshine Coast visitors and residents practice their favorite activities with more confidence, ranging from active sports, to hobbies such as readings, playing cards, driving, or other pastimes.

The first step is to see the LASERSIGHT folks for a screening or assessment, to see if you are a suitable candidate for laser or lens surgery. Most patients are suitable, and in any event an eye checkup is always helpful. Bringing your glasses or contact lens prescription with you is helpful, but not required. Financing options are also available, including various interest free choices. The LASERSIGHT group welcomes tourists and travellers vacationing in Queensland, as the total procedure takes only about 15 minutes of time, and with clear vision benefits for the rest of your life. LASERSIGHT can be contacted at 1 800 00 3937, or by their website Mention this newspaper, and the initial consultation can be free of charge.

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