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Vision for life program*

At LASERSIGHT our goal is to assist you in achieving and maintaining the best possible vision throughout your lifetime, after having laser eye surgery.

Our 'Vision for Life' program provides you with the reassurance that if a re-treatment is appropriate to maintain optimal distance vision, patients who qualify will receive a re-treatment free of charge for the rest of their life.

How do I register?

How do I register?

If you qualify, you will be automatically enrolled once your laser vision correction is completed.

Who Qualifies?

Who Qualifies?

'Vision For Life' covers patients who have had laser vision correction at LASERSIGHT. All short-sighted and astigmatic patients qualify for this program.

Clear Vision Commitment

Clear Vision Commitment*

Our 'Clear Vision Commitment' is for hyperopic (far-sighted) patients. All post operative care and enhancements, as deemed safe and appropriate, are provided at no Charge in the first 3 years after the initial procedure.

If the initial 3 year period has passed and your surgeon advises that you are medically suitable for a re-treatment, then the cost of the re-treatment will be provided at 50% of the current laser vision correction recommended by your surgeon.

*Excludes Western Australia

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