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Why choose LASERSIGHT for laser eye surgery?

At LASERSIGHT, you will find experienced, dedicated and friendly doctors and staff who are committed to bringing your vision for life whilst safeguarding your interests at all times.

3 Key Things to Look for in Your Vision Correction Provider

Specific treatments

The expertise and experience of your surgeon

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Eye treatment options

The safety, accuracy and sophistication of the equipment used

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Experienced and dedicated

The general standard of the treatment centre, the experience and dedication of the staff and the quality assurance processes in place.

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It is also useful to know how many staff members and their family and friends have had eye surgery.

At LASERSIGHT we are proud of our expertise, excellence and high ethical standards. Our primary objective is to assure the optimal outcome for your vision. You are most welcome to visit our centres, talk with our staff, view surgery if you so choose, speak to our doctors and hear our patients' stories.

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